F U to myself


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I posted this on my myspace a week or so ago, but figured I'd post it here because I'm still bothered by it, and I figured here I'll get the ridicule and mockery I deserve for being a complete tool.

I am such an ass when it comes to dating and talking to women. Went to a comedy show on Fri night, sat in the 2nd row. Knew I would get my balls busted because of who I was seeing (Rev Bob Levy) he fucks with the crowd alot, and I knew my fat ass would get it. So he fucked with me all night, had a blast, great show even though I was by myself. Only regret about moving is having no friends. So after the show these two girls come up to me to tell me what a good sport I was and how they thought it was cool that I didn't get upset or anything and that they liked me for being a good egg. So like an asshole I just thank them and let them walk away without even asking anything else, and saw that they weren't there with any guys or anything. I just got in line to talk to Levy and get my stupid fucking picture and left without persuing anything. Maybe they were just being nice and friendly and all, but I suck and have no idea how to deal with these situations like a normal fucking human being. god I suck.


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HA HA your alone because your shy.........

look at it this way. if you would have tried to go with them they would have knocked you over the head and ripped you off, or, it was a bet with someone else that they were with that they wouldn't talk to that fat mess.....

dont knock your self out, you realized that you made a mistake, dont do it again, next time some chick comes up to you jump on the opportunity to "make a move" what you should have done is asked them to wait with you, at the same time telling them if they wait with you after words you would take them out for drinks, the worst case is they say no, but at least you would have tried, trust me, ive made plenty of mistakes along the same lines, now im married so i dont take these opportunities, but i do enjoy recognizing them (for years i was too stupid and shy to make moves on any chicks)


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I think most people in your situation would've done the same thing. Then again, I'm not most people, but I would've done the same thing.

And no, that's not why I'm alone ;)

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They probaly wanted to have a threesome.

Sleep on that.


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Don't beat yourself up over it

not to take anything away from you, but it sounds like they were just being friendly and not trying to get their foot in the door with you. That being said, it never hurts to try and keep the conversation going when you get the chance. I'm not good with that sort of thing too. Really pretty girls make me shy and a little insecure. It's OK. :icon_roll


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
i have a friend who's girl is movie star hot, and super friendly im so fucking shy i have never more than glanced in her eye's i actually divert my gaze from her, its kind of a joke between us, he's seen me hit on almost any chick i can yet she's got something that i just cant touch....