F U to snow in October


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I have to see stupid ass stores with christmas trees up before mid October and now I am watching snow coming down like a blizzard. WTF its October
They started putting Christmas stuff in the Rite Aid like 3 weeks ago...


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I love snow (I suffer through all that summer bullshit), but I HATE seeing Christmas decorations when Halloween hasn't even happened yet! Remember when they would at least wait until after thanksgiving? Why not just rush towards death faster and put out the Fourth of July shit for fifty years from now?


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Target was playing Christmas music in the Halloween candy aisle last week


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I love the snow too. But anything less than 8 inches is a disappointment.

I write that knowing that its too much of a softball for someone to take a swing at...


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I have so many down branches in my yard and I've been without electricity since 1pm yesterday. They say it'll be back by 2pm today, but who knows. The power company has its work cut out for them.

Luckily we have a gas fireplace and stove, so we are still warm and can cook, and we still have hot water.

We were so stir crazy last night so we went to places with power and drank.


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They have begun playing Christmas music in the Sears stores.


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They have begun playing Christmas music in the Sears stores.
I plan on taking down the Halloween stuff and starting
the Christmas decorating Saturday if the weather's good.