F U to the people of Illinois


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Now that I'm back in NYC I'd like to send a HUGE FUUUUCK YOOOOU!!!!! to Illinois. What a bunch a prick asses. They say new yorkers are rude, these people just about put me on a sandwich and ate me. Pure bastards. Everyone from the hotel staff to the tools at the gas stations ( I drove all the there and back). I think I'll stick to the NY area for a while. At least here I can be treated like garbage by people I know.
This topic is gonna go over big on Monday! LOL

Sorry to hear your trip sucked dude.

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Chicago sucks from what i hear also im not surprised at all to hear you say that.


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I only wish I was in Chicago. I was out in the middle of fuckin corn fields in Moline Illinois. What a fuckin shithole. I've never traveled too much. I've been to florida when I was 5 and wash DC when i was like 12 so I dont remeber either trip. I go out to pennsylvania almost every weekend but this was my first real trip out of NY and I drove there and it just really sucked. The next time I see some tourist from the mid west I'm gonna beat their ass and take all their shit. Fuckin farmers. They really do call soda "POP" out there. I laughed my balls off at the waitress. I was so tempted to make that stupid Dice sound but I was fearful of getting shot.
Well if you decide to travel more let me give you a tip on another place to not go. Its Tennessee they hate everyone from the East. I was there for 2 weeks onetime on a work-trip and those people are assholes. Not all there where some very nice people but the majority of them are all assholes and where nasty as all fucking hell to you.