F You to XM and your foreign operators!!


The Black Cobra of WDT
May 16, 2007
Every month I call you XM and fight with you regarding my bill. What part of I'm on a 3 month plan don't you Indian asses understand!!! Every month you turn my service off, and every time I call you, my bill keeps going up and up. Yesterday it was 74.54 today it's 90 dollars?? 1 god damn day?

I spend hours on the phone with you, ask for a supervisor, and you put me on hold hanging up on me over and over and over :arrrh:

Fuck You XM, Go Screw!

titties N beer

Satellite radio is worse than AM. At least with AM I never lost a signal while driving under a tree, or up a mountain, or under a cloud. It will be a race between XM and Sirius to see who can get enough satellites in the air to get satisfactory coverage. Thanks to Howard Stern, I don't think Sirius can pull it off.


LoseTheRadio.net's Ma
Nov 17, 2006
right where I wanna be
It's not just XM - just about everyone is using dot heads now. I had to call Toshiba yesterday to find out why my brand new laptop kept shutting itself off. My office was laughing at me because every other word out of my mouth was "excuse me?". If I wasn't saying that I was saying "I can't understand what you just said". It was a simple setting that needed changing but it took me 20 minutes to resolve because I couldn't understand the guy.