So anyone get into facebook? its another myspace, im sure alot of you have it, its pretty damn popular and im addicted.


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Hows it different from Myspace?


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It openly encourages you to expirament with young people of your own gender.


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Well fuck, where do I sign up...
Its great....you find alot of people that don't have myspace, found alot of old Highschool friends.....so


You can find more reasons why people don't like it in the FU Forum.


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as soon as they opened it to non-.edu addresses, I got onboard, and I love facebook in terms of encouraging real-life interaction.

you don't get spammed much at all, and the advertising is not nearly as intrusive as insidious as myspace.

also, people can't over-"pimp" their profiles. things are relegated to a standard, unlike myspace, where some profiles can crash your browser.

murdoch will make a fortune with myspace, but facebook is growing at a much larger rate now.

the founder, mark zuckerberg (of course) recently turned down a billion dollar offer. He's accused of stealing the idea and business plan during his harvard days from a place for which he briefly worked.
It was great when it was college only. I used it after I graduated to talk shit about my job, then it went public, and people who weren't supposed to see stuff saw stuff.