Fair Massage Tips....

Anyone have a guideline on what would be a fair tip for a legit massage? Like at a spa or even one of those chair deallys in the mall/strip malls? Does the 15-20% guideline hold true? I mean, if you're getting a 15 or 20 minute massage in a chair 3 or 4 bucks doesn't really seem like much so is that just insulting or what?

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So you're saying no happy ending?! :greyalien:

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I hope you're at least going to a woman even though it's a "legit" massage.


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I do 15% but it's the owner so she's actually getting it all.
So I take it I'm in a small minority on this website that actually even bothers with legit massages.....


It's not as good as getting jerked off, but damn it normal massages feel good too.


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Every time I go to get a massage, I wind up getting laid. Is that what a "legit" massage is all about?