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Ant RT this a few days ago and maybe some fans there might like it, they do a lot of 'in' jokes related to O&A so I guess who ever runs it is a fan also. sometimes its funny, sometimes i have no idea what show they are talking about (what the fuck is Lobo)
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1. You fucked up the URL.

2. I think I remember Sheriff Lobo being referenced on MST3K.

3. A couple of these did make me chuckle.

Fake TV Listings@FakeTVGuide
Hub 2am: Alice- When a member of the KKK burns down the diner, Mel refuses to ever let a "negro" eat at his place again when he reopens it

Fake TV Listings@FakeTVGuide
FX 6pm: Golden Girls- The girls are worried when Rose keeps getting bruises after being out with her hip boyfriend Skip ( @iamcolinquinn).

Fake TV Listings@FakeTVGuide
TBS 6pm: @SeinfeldToday- Kramer & Mickey get hooked on playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, George thinks his girlfriend is only dating him for his wifi.


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thanks for letting me know about the link, fixed, one to many w
these are pretty funny...
PBS 7am: Mr Rogers- Fred talks to kids about recent school shootings. King Friday gets bullied into passing new property laws by Lady Elaine


I like fistables.
I'll be using this as status updates on facebook for the next few weeks.


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SyFy 7a: Lost in Space- When repainting the Jupiter-2, Dr. Smith spills paint on Will & he must get him cleaned up before his parents return