Fallen celebrity lawyer busted for choking girlfriend

Fallen celebrity lawyer Dominic Barbara, whose clients have included the likes of "Long Island Lolita" lover Joey Buttafuoco, was arrested late Sunday night for choking his girlfriend in August, authorities said.

Fallen celebrity lawyer Dominick Barbara is on his way to becoming as notorious as some of his clients.

The suspended lawyer was arrested for the third time in a year on Sunday night - this time for allegedly choking his girlfriend.

Barbara, whose clients have included the likes of "Long Island Lolita" lover Joey Buttafuoco and Lindsay Lohan's deranged dad Michael Lohan, was charged with criminal obstruction of breathing for the attack, which authorities said happened Aug 23.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the Nassau County District Attorney's office, Barbara, 67, got into an argument with the unnamed woman at his Williston Park home before it became physical. Barbara "put his hands around the victim's neck and applied pressure, causing the victim's breathing to become completely obstructed and the victim to be in fear for her life," the complaint said.

Barbara, left, and his client, Joey Buttafuoco, listen to the judge's verdict during a probation hearing in the Nassau County Courthouse in Mineola, N.Y. back in 1995.

It's unclear why the unidentified victim waited so long to file a complaint.

Barbara represented himself at his arraignment on Monday morning, and pleaded not guilty. He was released without bail, and ordered to return back to court on Oct. 7.

The once press-hungry lawyer refused to talk to reporters as he left court.

He faces up to a year in jail if convicted in the choking case - but he has plenty other legal problems on the horizon as well.

Barbara in a mug shot released by Nassau County Police on December 4, 2012.

Barbara, who in his heyday drove a Bentley, wore $1,000 suits and was a regular on Howard Stern's radio show, is currently awaiting trial on charges that he tried to blackmail his wife for $200,000.

Prosecutors said he'd vowed to release pictures and videos of her with other men unless she paid up.

He was also busted earlier this year for swiping a $1,400 Yves Saint Laurent purse from a Long Island store. That case is also pending.

Barbara was a regular to shock jock Howard Stern's radio show.
And while he can represent himself in his criminal cases, he can't represent anyone else.

He was suspended in 2011 for failing to properly bill clients and refund their money.

The panel of judges that suspended him said they were doing so in part because of his "extensive disciplinary history," which included "an avalanche of Grievance Committee sanctions."

Barbara blamed his woes on health problems and "the sabotage of his law practice by disloyal associates." He pleaded with the judges to have mercy on his career, and to take note of his "commitment to rehabilitation and sobriety."

And while he crowed to the judge that he'd only been sued twice for malpractice in his 40 year career prior to 2009, he's been sued numerous times since by former clients and creditors, records show.

He told Newsday before his arrest on the blackmail charge last year that he was broke, homeless and addicted to booze and painkillers. He said he'd considered killing himself but was "too fat to get over the rail" of the Florida condo where he'd been staying.
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I'm overjoyed at anything bad happening to an attorney.

Better call Saul.


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Anthony should sue too. He wouldn't see a dime from it, but anything that causes this guy more grief is a good thing, right?


Anthony should sue too. He wouldn't see a dime from it, but anything that causes this guy more grief is a good thing, right?
Sir Anthony is taking the high road and just casually strolling by this wreck in motion.


The Only Thing Bigger Than My Head
The high road is overhyped sometimes.

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and some people question the existence of Karma.