Family Guy rips off Simpsons


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Simpsons did it!
The Simpsons is legendary, and will always be compared to.
People seem to forget 99.9% of Family Guy doesnt copy from The Simpsons yet dwell on the 6 or 7 scenes that do. Family Guy is hilarious in its own right.


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i bet alot of family guy writers grew up on the simpsons so it makes sense there would be some similarities. still, some of those comparisons are striking.

i dont think its anything new though, sitcoms and all sorts of shows have been copping each others ideas for years.

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That was the whole point of the "Simpsons did it" South Park episode. They've made so god damn many episodes that it's almost impossible to make an animated series without a few similarities.

By the way, the Family Guy versions were funnier. In the blackjack scene, Peter still says "hit me" on 30, where Homer says "doh" on 22.

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Those evil masterminds! Who would suspect them of stealing from the most popular cartoon of all time that comes on right before them on the same channel? Diabolical!


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They were mostly pretty common scticks...

I highly doubt the simpsons did them before acts like Laurel & Hardy, The Marx Brothers, Hitler, and the old Warner Bro's cartoons.

Besides, Family guy is edgier and funnier than the Simpsons.

Ditto for Southpark


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Simpsons > Family Guy.


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Simpsons more gooder


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The Homer eating chips, Peter eating popcorn bit was something I remember seeing happen on Abbott & Costello many years ago. Hoo Hoo.
Both shows are funny. I like the Simpsons more, but I don't think there were all that many blatant ripoffs in those 2 videos. The cardboard box gag was pretty much the exact same joke, though. Maybe Carlos Mencia helped write that episode.