Family picture

Jesus Fuck...

That's the family that the dude from "O Brother Where Art Though" (Not Clooney or Turturro) would produce with Rhea Pearlman.


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The tallest one looks like he enjoys making werewolf movies.


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is the thing on the right a person, or a prairie dog?


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Thought the fourth one (the mother?) was great in Star Trek.



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Chernobyl was a bitch.


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I beat you to that line. look up a few posts. :action-sm
No, no, no.

Typing "yes" is not the same as: Alan Alda hand waving while I holler, "YES!!"

Why am I arguing about this? Nobody cares.

One message board point to you, CM Mark.

When you turn your back, I'm going to smash you with a ferocious chair shot and regain my lost point - nWo style.


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It's a white beetlejuice.

Christ, you know the one on the far left is just a carrier for retardation. He's going to marry some decent looking chick and 3/4 of their kids are going to be waterheads.