PotL Fantasy Movie League - Which Wackbagger will be the Pick of the Litter?

Hog's Big Ben

Getting ass-***** in The Octagon, brother.
@Pigdango and I are gonna do some climbing this week if Deadline is even a little bit accurate. Gerard is kicking ass, and most of the top 100 went with Angry Birds 2 or The Jesus Movie, neither of which is doing well.


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Final Fall 2019 Standings

1 Wehrenhog Theaters $1,327,607,356 -- (7 Wins)
2 NuttyJim's Cineplex $1,260,926,815 -$66,680,541
3 Pigdango $1,159,152,227 -$168,455,129 (3 Wins)
4 tomc843's Cineplex $977,915,330 -$349,692,026
5 Heat Vision Quest $973,265,372 -$354,341,984
6 LiddyRules Arthouse Cinema $921,249,071 -$406,358,285 (1 Wins)
7 (You) $157,218,615 -$1,170,388,741 (1 Wins)


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A new season of Fantasy Movie League starts THIS week!

Deadline is 12 pm on Friday to fill out your roster.



Johny Charro Card Holder #1
I won a week.

For this week, what's the thoughts on Goldfinch vs. Hustlers? I'm also wondering if I was to go see one, which is the one I ought to see.

I don't even know what the Goldfinch is about just that the reviews are really bad. 9/11?