Farewell Nick Di Paolo, the Last Shock Jock on sirius xm(a place that censors its talent)


LDAR, bitch.
With the shit that's already out there and makes at least $1000 per live stream, I think with an entertaining show with "minorities" (Nick as the dago, Colin's Irish, Vos and Judy are Jews and Keith as the black guy, I'm sure there's a gay guy who would join in) you could conceivably have a series that isn't demonetised and gets Patreon donations on top of it. I think right now Youtube takes 30% of the "super chat" money, so I think they'd oblige a successful show to use their service to stream.

This is why I think Youtube's offering is better than a subscription service. Anthony tried it, paying subscribers criticised him in good faith, and he did nothing about it. On Youtube, you have to go out of your way to be entertaining and controversial to goad people into either donating or paying to ask a highlighted question to the participants, so there's a real element of talent/consumer interactivity. The best part is that some of these idiots would drop $100 just to ask an innocuous question like, "hey Rich, why is your wife a retard-loving slut?" And shit like that would happen, the people in the chats are monsters.
Why have audience participation at all? It’s never helps a show.


I'm wasting my life here
Why have audience participation at all? It’s never helps a show.
It can when the interactive audience isn't just truckers and miscreants, and the guy deciding what calls are worthy or not isn't a total fucking retard. Sniff.