Fart deoderizer


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Farting in public can be quite the embarrassment - which is why U.S. Patent 6313371 helps keep your flatulence a private affiar. This "non-intrusive" pad will be taped "inside [of your] briefs or panties in the anal area", working hard to neutralize whatever personal greenhouse emissions you might have due to stuffing yourself with too much turkey and other holiday meals. Made from "charcoal cloth originally developed by the British Chemical Defense Establishment of the Ministry of Defense", this makes it more than capable of deodorizing toxic gas. It will take some time before the Flatulence Deodorizer makes it to commercial stores, but this is definitely one of the wackier gadgets to be released thus far.


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...are you telling us something?



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I drink and eat alot of things to get that perfect smell.
No way am I going to mask it.
"I hear you can beat a breathalyzer by sucking on activated charcoal tablets"
I thought your farts smelled like flowers??

Who would wanna mask that?


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They had guy on the first season of that stupid inventor show that proposed this and was basically laughed out of the room. Ever since I saw that episode I wished that somebody would get this up for sale. My wife, as beautiful as she is, has the worst SBD farts ever. I hope these become available next year because I am sick of going up to a stinky bedroom.

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My wife will but these for me the moment they are available...