Farting in public?

Have you ever had to fart really bad in public but you cant fart cause there are people around you? What would you do just let it out or hold it back?
You mean to tell me you never let out a silent, but deadly fart? :)

Akane you dummy!!!!

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Oh hell yeah Diceman. I just saying how embarassing it could be. Even if you try to move to another room or something your risking letting it go in front of everyone.


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honestly, farting in public really isn't that hard...u could either a.) do a one cheek sneak(when u lift one check and just let it go) or b.)sqeeze your cheeks that that it doesn't make a noise at all and thats an SBD lmao

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I remember one time i was getting an x-ray done and the lady was telling me to relax i was all tense so when i did i let a big loud smelly fart out heh heh it was funny.
Now that's a classic!<IMG SRC="http://www.wackbag.com/ubb/smilies/cwm12.gif" border=0>

Akane you dummy!!!!

Your local anime resident. :)