Favorite Scenes from TV Series


Go back to your shanties.
Going with the "Favorite Movie Scenes" idea. What are some of your faves from television?

Here are mine, starting with a recent one.


Cranston fucking rules in this. Despite how much his character is full of shit, this scene is one of the best in the entire series.


Powerful scene. Really anything from Firefly is gold.


The Beautiful Mind reference makes me lose my shit laughing every time I see the episode.


This is my favorite episode of Rescue Me.


well shit the bed
the scene in season 4(episode 7 i believe since that is the best episode of the series) of oz where shillinger says "i thought the jews were supposed to be tough" and robson replies "no, that's the israelis."
^ Good call with the David Bowie!

One of my fav scenes is the chicken "macnugget" scene from The Wire where DeAngelo Barksdale is schooling the one kid on how the world works but then feels bad about sort of robbing his innocence at the same time.