FBI Plans Digital Wanted Posters in Las Vegas and 19 other cities


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Jan 26, 2005
The FBI announced Wednesday that they will begin putting fugitives, missing persons, and security messages on digital billboards where they can be seen by millions of drivers everyday.

The program will take place in 20 cities, including Las Vegas.

The plan is a result of a pilot program held in Philadelphia. Two fugitives were caught less than a month after their faces splashed across space normally reserved for advertisments.

Officials say the successful captures came as a direct result of the billboards.

The billboards will be used in 20 cities representing 17 FBI field offices. A total of 150 billboards will be used.

Clear Channel Outdoors will provide the digital billboard space as a public service.

Las Vegas already has experience with putting fugitives on digital billboards.

In October, sexual assault suspect Chester Stiles was featured on 15 digital billboards across the valley.

He was later caught during a routine traffic stop in Henderson.