dont forget, the VOICE CHAT "in beta" works 90% of the time now.. just click it to the left. Avatars have been added pick one or send me a pic of opie or ant or whatever and I will make a avatar out of it that only you can use (see the one next to my name for example). who's online is almost ready. PMs go to your profile or are emailed to you.... I'm working on getting an inbox like the old board... oh, and where the hell did everybody go? seems like nobody likes the new board?? within a month this board will be hacked to the balls with new features - so don't give up. I will be leaving the board open for unregistered members to view thruout the weekend.. please leave all comments, suggestions, about the board - good or bad in this thread. thanks

so far i have added:
"last reply by"
"AIM and ICQ hack"

everthing below plus more will be added here as it is available

the old board had:

last reply by
whos online
Code buttons
more smilies
and some other stuff i forgot

:D :confused: :p :) :eek: ;) :eek: :(

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