Female broadcasters cry foul as Sky Sports presenter Charlie Webster poses in skimpy kit for FHM


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The ultimate sports strip: Female broadcasters cry foul as Sky Sports presenter Charlie Webster poses in skimpy kit for FHM

  • 30-year-old presenter graces the cover of 'lads mag' FHM
  • Female colleges angry she has made it harder for them to be taken seriously
  • Charlie has been presenting for Sky Sports News since 2010
  • Shots show her looking sexy in just her bra and knickers
  • Is pictured suggestively languishing on a bed and holding a strawberry
By Katy Winter
PUBLISHED: 06:04 EST, 19 March 2013 | UPDATED: 07:06 EST, 19 March 2013

Stunning sports news presenter Charlie Webster has angered many of her female colleagues, as well as her bosses, by posing nearly-nude for men’s magazine FHM.
The sexy Sky pundit has stripped off for this month’s edition wearing little more than a bra and tiny pair of lace knickers.
Staring seductively into the camera, the 30-year-old brunette is seen languishing on a bed and suggestively holding a strawberry, while in another picture she kneels by an open fridge in her sporty underwear.

There can be no doubt that presenter Charlie Webster looks stunning in this month's FHM magazine, but her pictures have angered some

Charlie gazes up into the camera, posing suggestively with a strawberry close to her lips

Charlie, who has been presenting for Sky Sports since 2010, looks beautiful in the shoot but has ruffled some feathers in the industry as fellow female sports presenters feels it is damaging their reputation as a whole.
In an industry where women must battle to be taken seriously for the quality of their work and knowledge of sport, rather than for their looks, there is discontent at Charlie appearing in her underwear.

Charlie even speaks about the pressures of operating in a male working culture in the accompanying interview for FHM, saying: ‘You almost have to work 10 times harder than the bloke has to work. And the bloke can get away with things but you can’t.’

Charlie kneels by an open fridge in just her knickers, a crop top and socks, enacting the fantasy of many men, but angering her fellow female presenters

Charlie, who has presented for Sky Sports for years, has never been shy of showing off her body, as she flaunts her long legs as she is snapped arriving at the UK film premiere of 1000 Kisses Deep last year

The 30-year old sports presenter graces the cover of this months FHM, on sale now

Sports News bosses will not be happy that the FHM spread comes as they try and increase the coverage of women in sport, especially as in the interview, Charlie appears to mock the channels coverage of events.

She admits: ‘On Transfer Deadline Day, if it’s really quiet, we’ll try and spice things up and mess about passing blank pieces of paper, pretending they’re breaking news stories. Everyone does it. It can be hilarious.’

A bona-fide sporting geek, Charlie also tells FHM: ‘As a kid, all I wanted to be was a runner, nothing else. As a junior, I ran the 400m in 53.2 seconds [less than six seconds outside the world record.’

She added: ‘I was doing aerobic classes from four years old. I was going to martial arts classes at eight. And my stepdad’s into boxing, so I was into that from a young age. I still box now, I love it. But when I got to 18, I decided I wanted to go to uni.’
Read the full interview with Charlie in this months FHM, on sale now.
For an behind-the-scenes video visit www.fhm.com/charlie

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