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Female Israeli Soldiers Disciplined For Posting Photos


Jan 25, 2006
Saint Louis
Female Israeli soldiers disciplined for posing with only vests and guns

TEL AVIV - A group of female Israeli soldiers has been disciplined after photographs of the scantily clad women holding their rifles appeared on Facebook.

They were seen wearing only a combat vest and helmets on their heads in one photograph.
"The picture in question represents behavior unbecoming IDF [Israeli Defense Force] soldiers. The commanding officers disciplined the soldiers as they saw fitting,” the army said in a statement.

An IDF spokesperson said that "educational lectures took place on the base in order to prevent similar recurrences” after the pictures were discovered.

The photographs are the latest in a series of incidents in which Israeli soldiers have posted potentially embarrassing images on the internet.

A search on YouTube for “Israeli soldiers dancing” produces thousands of results, including a platoon of soldiers dancing in Hebron in the Palestinian West Bank to U.S. star Kesha's Tik Tok tune.

This is group I guess. http://imgur.com/a/rZZDS

One of the girls showing her twat


Sep 15, 2004
If I was punishing them, they'd all get bare bottom spankings. Followed with at least a year of behavior modification in a highly controlled environment (a.k.a. my love dungeon.)


Mar 23, 2008
Kingdom of Charis
So, I can go on imagining barracks filled with hot girls getting naked together, showing their twats off and carrying guns around?
Go for it. Although it's a running joke that girls get fat in the army.

I saw "You Don't Mess With Zohan" so I pretty much get it.
I hate that movie with a passion despite never seeing it. "Zohan" is not an Israeli name. It's just a made up name that sounds foreign. That to me is just lazy and stupid, ESPECIALLY considering that there is an actual Israeli name that is only one letter off (Zohar).
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