Feminist Muslim (So Dead) Says Chicks Should Bang 72 Male Virgins


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The controversial Bangladeshi writer, Taslima Nasreen, once again triggered the fresh controversy.

Taslima's fresh and wired remark over Muslim women has sparked off controversy and debate as well.

Through her twitter account, Taslima said that a Muslim Woman should have sex with 72 men. "Muslim women deserve to have sex with 72 virgin men on the earth as they won't get these things in heaven."

She further wrote: "Men start suffering from erectile dysfunction in their 30's. But their machismo remains alive until their last day."

Taslima came on the radars of extrimist in 1990s after the publication of her first book 'Lajja', forcing her to live a exile life since than. She took shelters in India and other countries.

Last year, she shared her half nude pics on social networking website Facebook to support France government's move to ban veil in the country.

It is sure that Taslima’s fresh remark will earn huge criticism for her but whether it is right to make such comments?
"Half nude."

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She's better than you, Smirkalicious.
I remember that thread a couple weeks ago about 'How M.E. women.' Didn't find any. Especially a lack of Porn with them in it.

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I think most of us have.


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Obviously this bitch has grown out of religion, but can't let it go for sentimental reasons. She sees the man behind the curtain, but she's still arguing with Oz, and that's sad.

She needs to be like that "Infidel" bitch and get it over with, although she's a walking dead bitch at this point anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter.