Ferrell in "Semi-Pro"


"Its SIRIUS XM The XM Is Silent"
Ok enough already we get it you're the wacky sports guy in the movies. I hope you slip in a puddle of AIDS and die!!!!!!!!!!!! Go back to SNL where you were funny and stop with the over the top wacky saneriffic movies showing you do a bad job at playing a sport or making a mockery of it


En Taro Anthony
Him and Sandler need to learn that quantity doesn't make up for quality.


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It's the Ben Stiller theory. Throw enough shit at the wall and eventually something will stick.

Max Johnson

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Sandler and Ferrel combined couldn't touch Stiller's output of suck from a couple years back. He was literally in every third movie in some way shape or form and didn't have enough quality to fill one single short movie.


"Its SIRIUS XM The XM Is Silent"
Sandler has another dumb movie coming out right? I think the only people who enjoy this shit are the young preteen boys who think Ferrell is the funniest thing besides from MadTV. I think ll those movies is as funny as AIDS

N.Y. Johnny

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Isn't Sandler now doing a character that sounds and acts kind of like Borat?


En Taro Anthony
Sandler is playing Zohan, a former Mossad super-agent who becomes a hair stylist that is until terrorists find him and hijinks ensue.

It's something Awsom-O would have come up with.


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Will Ferrell is and always will be the man.

And "Semi-Pro" looks hilarious.


there is a lot of gash walking around today
we should predict the next movie that he will do.
i say bull rider
dick mcballsin the outlaw rider who drinks too much and parties too hard. he gets the ladies and in his dumb innocence saves the day.
will ferrell as dick mcballsin in 'A Hard Bulls Ride'

i do like him and sandler.

Dopie Opie

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How can I be da man when you da man.........Ferell sucks


Its the revolution Maaannnnnnn
No matter how much crap he makes, he still aint as bad as Rob Schneider, ugh.


I gotta return some video tapes.
No matter how much crap he makes, he still aint as bad as Rob Schneider, ugh.
an Adam Sandler creation. I was watching the benchwarmers last night and it sucks balls. What is it with all of this happy, feel good, light punk "rock" played during mainstream movies. I hate it!


Lingering longer for a longering linger
his most recent movies may have sucked

..but 'Anchorman' will always be one of my all time favorite, most quotable comedies.
Me and a guy I work with very easily start throwing lines from that one back and forth on any given moment