Fez out for the rest of the Week, Sextravaganza missing on Thursday!


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Whoa is us ! No Fezzie, No Sextravaganza what the hell is going on over there? Is everyone dying? Was Johnny answering the phones at least?
What's wrong with Fez !?



He was rushed to the hospital because he found out he really didn't have room for 8


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food poisoning from a combo of turkey bologna and that shitty diner he eats at


Fez's absence may have to do with that phone call he recieved the other day. Miss Fezzie, hope everything's cool with his fam damily.

As for Johnny, it was PitZ when I called. Maybe he was doing some investigative work today so he can recommend a good club tomorrow.


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Im sorry im a little backloaded on my RaF shows. What happened to Fez? Anyone have the story? Or did they not say? If they didnt say then that has me worried. Ron and Fez let us know about the heart attack and now silence?


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BxJ doesn't work for XM. He's still an intern. What he does is on a volunteer basis. I don't think there is a regular day for segment.


a reading from the book of Bennington
there has been, its on thursday.. maybe he's gotta fill a shift at the security job or maybe he just couldn't come in today...


How'd your 360 die?
Fez might be suffering from the side effects of his new meds, you know like crying and anxiety.
He might have ran off to Vegas with his young little shrink to get hitched.
Seriously I would really like to know what happened to him. I'm worried.