Fezzie wins beard competition?


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.
Apr 22, 2002

Staff Writer
ENGLEWOOD — Red Beard. Blue Beard. Gray Beard. Scurvy.
This isn't the beginning of one of the children's stories written by Dr. Seuss, but the awards given to the seven lucky contestants in the Englewood Jaycees Pioneer Days Beard Contest on Sunday.
According to contest chairman Midge Meharchand, the awards took on a more nautical feel this year to match the theme of the Pioneer Days festivities, which is "We Arrr Lemon Bay Pirates."
To keep with this theme, she said the Jaycees delivered plaques trimmed in boat rope instead of golden razors, and changed the name of the awards to incorporate more pirate-friendly titles.
As more than 20 people watched from under the Pioneers Park tent, Meharchand and judge Sharon Coder walked from one contestant to the next, examining the length, scruffiness, bushiness and neatness of their beards.
After conferring for a few minutes, the two were able to come to a consensus for the winners.
Bill Beach won the "Red Beard" award, while first-time contestant Bob Flor went home with the "Blue Beard" award.
North Port resident Kent E. Rodgers won the "Gray Beard" award, however Meharchand joked that he would make a good Santa Claus in another year or two.
"This event is fun, which is what Pioneer Days is all about," Rodgers said after receiving his plaque.
Mike Lohmar, the contestant with the most clean-cut look, walked away with the "Pioneer Pirate Beard" award, and Pete Piscitello, a merchant mariner, won the "Scurvy Beard" award, which he said he can't wait to show to his captain.
The "Bushiest Beard" award went to John Demore for a second year. He also won in past years in the "Most Colorful Beard" category.
Demore said his facial hair is about 4 inches long, but that he has grown it out so long that it touched his belly.
While Demore has no idea what he would look like without his beard, Len Crocker, the winner of the "Captain Jack Sparrow" Beard, said he is unrecognizable without his facial hair.
Crocker said he recently attended a wedding with his beard intact, but shaved it off before arriving at the reception.
"When I shaved it off, nobody knew it was me," he said. "They had no clue."
Although the wedding party had trouble placing his naked face with a name, one thing is for sure: Crocker and the six other participants will be known for the rest of the year as winners of the Jaycees Pioneer Days Beard Contest.
For more information about other Pioneer Days events, please visit the Englewood Jaycees Web site at www.englwoodjaycees.com.