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Filthy Iranian Trickery

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Stalker2, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Stalker2

    Stalker2 Registered User

    Jun 7, 2001
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    'Filthy Trick': Iran Targets 95-Year-Old Mother of Journalist

    Staff Reporter of the Sun
    March 6, 2008

    RFE/RL Inc.

    A Prague-based journalist for the American-funded Radio Farda, Parnaz Azima, who has been convicted in Iran of spreading 'anti-state propaganda,' in an undated photo.
    WASHINGTON — The Iranian government has presented an Iranian-American journalist working for an American-funded radio station with a choice between her 95-year-old mother and prison.
    Over the weekend, a revolutionary court in Tehran sentenced the journalist Parnaz Azima to a year in prison for spreading "anti-state propaganda." If Ms. Azima, who is both an American and Iranian citizen, does not serve her sentence, the state will seize the home of her 95-year-old mother.
    "This is a filthy trick they have done," Ms. Azima said in an interview by telephone from Prague, where she works for the Persian-language Radio Farda. "This is what they do with most people like me." She explained that the sentence meted out in absentia on March 1 was really a gambit to get her to quit her job with Radio Farda. She said similar tactics have been used against other intellectuals and journalists in Iran.
    "They will sentence people for two years of prison, but the sentence will be pending. This means that if this journalist, during four years, doesn't repeat the charge, then the sentence goes away. If you repeat the same crime or charge, then he will be put in jail. This is the trick they play with us," she said.

    LINK: http://www.nysun.com/article/72382
  2. Vyce

    Vyce Light-skinned, with no Negro dialect.

    Feb 11, 2006
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    What do you expect.

    BTW, somewhat off topic, but relevant, is that more intelligence agencies are coming forward now and stating that the NIE report stating that Iran had halted nuclear weapons development is full of shit. The British, for example, don't believe the Iranians stopped.

    The damage is unfortunately done by now though.
  3. d0uche_n0zzle

    d0uche_n0zzle **Negative_Creep**

    Sep 15, 2004
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    When will Israel send bomber jets to take care of the problem?
  4. Voss's Tumor

    Voss's Tumor Banned

    Jun 2, 2005
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    I wonder if you get arrested for refusing to pay FCC fines?

    Never mind, we're obviously the more progressive nation. Home of the Free, right?

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