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I recently found out that one of my coworkers is a former 'Bagger, and we've been talking about the old days of the show.

One thing that came up an interview the boys did with some boring asshole. I seem to remember the crickets sound effect getting played a lot until Jimmy left the room and started calling in on the guy they were interviewing. The boys kept fake apologizing for the nasty callers (Steve from yellowstone, etc) until finally Jimmy screamed into the phone "Ramoooon, I'm running out of shit to say!" The boring bastard immediately hung up at that point.

Google has failed me, so has search here on the 'Bag. Can anyone remember the interview, or even better knows of a YT link to it?
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That narrowed it down to about 10 shows
Too lazy to listen to the 45 mins but this would be my guess: