Fireteam Reloaded Closed Beta

Back in 1998 I helped beta test a program called 'Fireteam' - it was never a commercial success but the community was very tight. Fireteam actually led to an audio chat program called 'firetalk' which was eventually integrated into Paltalk.

I say all this because Fireteam is returning in a way - a company has announced a closed beta of "Firteam Reloaded" and many of us that beta tested the original are doing it again. I thought I would toss up the link to the site and some of you that are interested can sign up for the closed beta (no promises - I have no idea how many they are taking).

This is an overhead 'shooter' of sorts - with voice communication - very very similar to how it looked 10 years ago - the advantage being speed is much improved.

If by chance any of you used to play this game (I highly doubt it), my name on there was 'ikers' (same as my paltalk name) and we are trying to find old players.

Here is the site for info - the beta link is on the site: