First Fantasy's Playoff Challenge Sign-Up Thread (Playoff Fantasy Football!)


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At this time, I am proud to introduce First Fantasy's Playoff Challenge. First Fantasy's Playoff Challenge is refined from a concept used by the former Talented Mr. Roto, the brainchild of Senior ESPN Fantasy Analyst Matthew Berry. This is your chance to test your mettle against both the veteran experience of First Fantasy and other members of your community!

The rules of the Playoff Challenge are simple. At the conclusion of the season, twelve teams (six from each conference) qualified for the playoffs. You’ll have to use all twelve of those teams to fill fourteen roster spots on your Playoff Challenge roster. Your roster must be submitted to to sign up

The spots you’ll have to fill are:

For example: Dallas, Green Bay, Seattle, Tampa Bay, New York, and Washington are the NFC’s teams, while the AFC’s playoff roster includes New England, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Jacksonville, and Tennessee. For First Fantasy’s Playoff Challenge, you’ll have to pick one player from each of those teams to fill a spot on your roster, completing 12 of your 14 roster spots.

The last two roster spots are at your discretion. If you want to use both Greg Jennings and Brett Favre and add the duo of Jason Witten and Tony Romo, go for it. If you want to plug in the combination of Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and Wes Welker, that option’s yours. The final two spots can be used any way you like. However, any entries that do not have at least one player from each of the twelve NFL playoff teams will be discarded.

First Fantasy will be going with a pretty standard scoring system for the Playoff Challenge. Here’s how your players can accumulate points throughout the playoffs:

Rushing TD -- 6 points
TD reception -- 6 points
TD pass – 3 points
2-point conversion scored -- 2 points
2-point conversion thrown -- 1 point
Every 100 yards passing -- 1 point
Every 50 yards rushing/receiving -- 1 point
Kicked field goal -- 3 points
Kicked PAT -- 1 point

Defensive TD -- 6 points (note: special teams scores -- kickoff, punt and blocked field-goal returns -- are not counted for your defense)
Safety -- 2 points
Turnover forced (fumble or interception) -- 2 points
Sack -- 1 point

There are no match-ups in the Playoff Challenge; it’s strictly the team that ends up with the most points wins. Points will be accumulated throughout every round of the playoffs, up to and including the Super Bowl.

To the victor will go the spoils, and there are spoils to be had. The winner will be acknowledged in both the Williamsport Sun-Gazette’s versions of First Fantasy (print and online), and will also be given the first overall pick in the draft for this spring’s groundbreaking Williamsport Sun-Gazette Fantasy Baseball League. In that league, you will go up against myself and other members of the Sun-Gazette in a season-long quest for fantasy dominance. The league will have open invitations for Sun-Gazette subscribers and staff members to join, pitting you against the men and women of the region’s most storied media outlet. The road to that dominance begins right here, with the announcement of First Fantasy’s Playoff Challenge.

This is your chance to be a part of the fantasy community! Interactivity is the wave of the future, and the Williamsport Sun-Gazette and First Fantasy are collaborating to give you the most interactive media experience possible. Rosters can be submitted by e-mailing them to Rosters will be accepted up until kickoff of the first game of the NFL Playoffs.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of your local newspaper. Sign up after the NFL season and submit your roster to be a part of First Fantasy’s Playoff Challenge!

--Christian Ingram is a veteran of fantasy sports. He’s written content for The Talented Mr. Roto and RotoWire. His work has appeared in such media outlets as, Yahoo!, and Any questions or feedback can be sent to Christian via


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For the few of you who have e-mailed in your roster and for those who may in the future: be sure you list some form of contact information. I have received 3 "none specified" e-mails with no return address, no name, no any way to identify who made these picks.

If I can't tell who sent them in, I can't count them. Make sure you give your name and e-mail when submitting your rosters. Thanks!

(In case you didn't know, this is my contest that I'm putting on for my fledgling fantasy column. Please give it a shot. Thanks baggers!)


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A reminder: The deadline to submit your roster for First Fantasy's Playoff Challenge is now less than 24 hours from right now (Saturday @ 4 PM EST). Please submit your rosters to to participate. Thanks and good luck!