FL Deputy Threatens to Shoot Concealed Carry Licensee and Arrests Him for Lawfully carried Handgun

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Okay, before the dolts move in let me explain how the deputy was in the right.

I'm not sure of Florida law, but in most states that allow CCW, you are by law required to immediately inform the officer that you are armed and have a permit. He got out of the car, and everything was standard procedure until the guy went to get back in his van and the officer saw the gun. The officer's response was in line with procedure, he used command presence and voice and gave the man lawful orders because he had no idea why the man was armed. The officer is not a mind reader and to go from carrying a weapon concealed, having it discovered and then saying "I GOT A PERMIT" does not defuse the situation. Again, they do not teach a mind reading class at the academy.

Now on twitter, some people got butt hurt over the officer using "hurtful language" and threatening to shoot the guy. Trust me. If I pull you over and you fail to tell me that you are carrying a concealed weapon and I see it before you say anything, you will be dick in the dirt and cuffed before I'm ready to start a conversation about your permit status. Technically, the guy did break the law. Concealed means that nobody should know you have it, unless the need arises that you have to pull it. Somebody carrying a weapon and not displaying a badge scares people.


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Florida does not require a person to inform law enforcement they are carrying concealed.

Recently, accidental exposure was decriminalized. Within the past year, not sure the exact date.

I do see the officers point, the guy twice ran his hand down to the area where the gun was before
he responded to the command.
The cop asked reasonably and calmly about the gun, the guy had a second to show hands, look at the cop and offer to
retrieve his permit. Instead he acted squirrely.


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It may be legal to not inform him and accidental exposure
decriminalized but he still could use some common sense
and just tell the cop he's legally armed when stopped and
this becomes a non issue. If you're getting stopped then there's
already a problem. Why escalate it?