Flash Keeps crashing


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For the last week, flash crashes out of nowhere. It happens at least 2 times a day. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Yeah, it's been happening to me too with Firefox. I figured eventually it would sort itself out.


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Working fine for me


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Yeah I've been having the same issues..


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ive been having a problem on Youtube where the video all of a sudden takes a shit and I get an exclamation point. Have to F5 the page and it works.


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It makes my firefox lock up for almost 5 minutes sometimes.


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It makes my firefox lock up for almost 5 minutes sometimes.
I paused a video on youtube to go and take a piss. I came back from the terlit un paused the video and it froze, and then crashed. It wouldn't even let me close the browser at all. It's fucking annoying.


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You should tell him to stop runnin so fast or sumthin.
I only noticed on a laptop I use that sits on the coffee table that the flash update program crashes a lot recently. I dont remember having an issue with a site that uses flash though.

Also regarding firefox, I upgraded my main PC with a SSD for the win7/programs drive and after installing programs I was messing around with task manager and noticed firefox32. I seem to remember using a 64 bit firefox before the upgrade so I googled it and came across this: http://waterfoxproject.org/

I cant say that its faster or anything since I have a clean install on a drive that is technically faster than the prior drive.


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I've given up on seeing any pattern to Flashs crashes. When I start getting too many crashes I'll switch to another browser, bouncing back and forth between Firefox and Chrome.


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tsss... maybe it needs drivin lessons or sumthin. tsss...