Flickr censors kids smoking


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Jan 26, 2005
If that guy don't like it,let him start his own site.


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Feb 18, 2005
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heres the censored pic the author reposted.

here is the photographers/authors comment...

Maarten Dors' flickr said:

Today should be a happy day, number 100 in my 365 days set. But it all turned out so different. Flickr decided out of the blue that smoking children can't be photographed. Ofcourse Flickr can show hardcore porn, violence and poverty .... but smoking, ofcourse not!

I got this e-mail yesterday:


Hi Maarten Dors,

Images of children under the age of 18 who are smoking
tobacco is prohibited across all of Yahoo's properties.
I've gone ahead and deleted the image "The Romanian Way"
from your photostream.
We appreciate your understanding.


They appreciate my understanding? Wich understanding? I just want my photo back!
It was my most interesting photo and has been on Flickr for almost two months. Why delete it all of a sudden. I didn't upload it because I thought it was a pretty sight to see a small boy smoking. I uploaded it because I wanted to tell something. I wanted to show the world how living in poverty can be, what it does with small children and wanted to start a discussion about it (and they deleted that very good discussion too!).

Ofcourse Flickr doesn't mind children doing drugs, because the photos I took of small children inhaling glue are still there. Is that the Flickr message ... Smoking is very bad, but hey .. you can always use drugs!

Tommorrow about this time I will decide if I will continue posting on Flickr.

what a crock... especially if you use the pay service.

i dont understand the hipocricies of large companies...


edit - i agree with MJ if u dont like it... start your own site.

but the hipocracy still astounds me


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Mar 3, 2005
MJ is right, but it doesn't make Flickr any less cunts.

Think about it in a way it relates to you. If O&A don't like their companies fucking with them, they can go start their own radio station.

Mind you, a totally uncensored non corperate O&A show would be awsome on so many levels, but it would have very few listeners and would have many more limitations (due to funding) as well.

So O&A have to take the bullshit.

Does that make CBS or XM any less cunts?


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Dec 9, 2004
If that guy don't like it,let him start his own site.
I agree. Although I think it is lame that they blocked it out but they can do what they want. If you have a problem then go somewhere else.