Florida Man charged with stealing woman's driveway


An Ocala man has been arrested after police said he was caught in the act of stealing a woman's driveway, just one day after the woman reported a similar theft.

Officials said Anthony Jones, 60, who does not live at the home near Northwest 120st Street, was seen removing brick paving stones Wednesday night.

Jones told authorities he was removing the stones for a friend named Nigel, but he did not provide a last name or phone number for Nigel.

The alleged theft happened at the same home where on Tuesday, additional stones were taken from the driveway while the homeowner was at work.

According to deputies, the homeowner felt a "bump" when she drove onto her driveway Tuesday night. She got out of her vehicle and discovered about 300 square feet of stones were missing.

A witness told deputies about seeing two men digging up the stones. But the activity didn't seem suspicious because construction workers were building a barn on the property.

Then on Wednesday night, someone spotted more stones being stolen from the same driveway.

"They asked me if I'd given him permission to take the pavers, and I said, 'No,'" she said.

Police said Jones had loaded about 50 stones into a truck.

The victim said she believes Jones is the same person who was digging up her driveway on Tuesday.

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Wackbag Staff
Who knew there was a black market for driveway pavers?


The dummy is smiling like its school picture day. Probably asked for a bunch of wallet sized to give to his mommy.