Florida Man Chokes Rabid Bobcat To Halt Attack


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Aug 14, 2000
Man strangles rabid bobcat
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Rabid bobcat attacks homeowner
Vietnam vet kills rabid bobcat in fight for survival

Wesley Chapel, Florida - Living in Florida, chances are pretty good you’ll encounter some type of wild animal eventually.

For Dale Rippy on Weatherwood Circle, it happened the morning of May 30th when he went to bring in his trash cans.

A rabid bobcat in his back yard lunged at him, biting his stomach and scratching his hands, legs and back.

The 62-year-old disabled Vietnam veteran grabbed the bobcat around the neck and choked him to death.

Dale Rippy, Fought Bobcat:
“I did not want that cat to get away because if it had attacked a child or something, that would have been really bad. I knew I was going to have to get rabies shots and I did want to have it tested, so I went ahead and choked it.”

Neighbors washed blood off Rippy, treated his wounds and took pictures of the bobcat.

Tests determined the bobcat had rabies, but rabies shots haven’t kept Rippy from household chores. But he’s sad the bobcat left him no choice.

A spokesman for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says there’s a healthy bobcat population in Florida, but attacks on people are rare.

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