Fofo on the show now!

Our own Fofolina is in the studio now with the retarded Laverne & Shirley. She seems to be scared to death,, probably of them.
Congrats FoFo, we're all proud of you.


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I am so happy for her. ;)

Fofo with Colin Quinn,Norton,and the retards. You told me I could use it.

The funniest part for me was when L/S were saying they were bringing their friend "from the internet" into the studio.Like it's a new appliance. O&A were like omg what's this one gonna look like? Then when you came in they were calling you a supermodel. Ant was giving you s** for shaking so bad, and as soon as they heard you were friends w/ Norton
the Aids jokes started. very funny tho'
Hope you have fun at Carolines.

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did anyone record this? I would love to hear fofo shaking on the air! I've missed the show all week

Congrats fofo :)
do l/s spend time on this site? is this where they met fofo? I'm amused (at best). :eek:


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Hey guys thank you for the congrats..but I was so shy and freaked to fuckin death that i was all wanting to plug wackbag.but I got so shy with everything that i went right by Big Kev thats how freaked out I was.


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Only Laverne AKA Lady Di.


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:::::edit::::: I didn't even listen to the show on friday :::::edit::::: :) I was just bull shittin' and you know this, man.

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Originally posted by MAVRIC305:
<STRONG>That's why Wackbag is second fittle. No offense Fofo, but you should have said something. You had your chance to promote, but you didn't. It was cool you were on and all, but I was waiting for the Wackbag plug and it never came. I can't say anything because it was not me, but you could have spoke up. I know I would have. Sorry to bring the praise down, but I thought you were going to plug. I'm sorry to be a damper on all of the praise. Good job Luc.</STRONG>
Mav!! I know that I should have pluged.
But here is tell me that you call the show sometimes well I never heard you plug.So the reason why i didnt say a fuckin word cause it was my 1st time.I have never done something like this.
but it will not be the 1sr time I am there.
Sorry Stingray.


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Hey Mav....ease up on Luciana....she was nervous and surrounded by idiots...I know her personally, and she's VERY outspoken, she was just thrown off when a mic was shoved in her face.....unless you've ever been put on the spot like that, you won't know what it's like......I'm an entertainer, and I had to MC a benefit last night, and thanks to a technical problem, I had to "kill time" for almost 10 minutes in front of 1000 people,....even for a professional, it aint easy!
Originally posted by FOFOLINA:
but it will not be the 1sr time I am there.
Sorry Stingray.</STRONG>
Fofo, Please Don't feel that you have to give a plug if you get in the studio. It will only ruin your time there, I was in the studio twice... The first time they ASKED ME if I had anything to I plugged wackbag.. The second time (55 gallon drum challenge) there was just no way to jump in with a plug without sounding like a I didnt do it.

plus you could ruin your chances of getting back there again, I just want an audio clip of you on the show... cause I missed it... Could anybody make that happen? wheres chewbaka when you need him?? :)

as far as I'm concerned, the plug on is enough!
Since you went up there with the retarted laverne and shirley... Does that make you Mrs. Babbish??? :eek:


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Lol nah stingray I think i will be the chick that is the victim of L&S :)


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I've been dialing and dialing like a tool... This phone doesn't have a REDIAL button. :( I wanted to say hi to my friend Luciana (you guys call her Fofo, I guess it's ok too) By the time I got through she left the studio.

Don't worry about not plugging anything, girlie. It's a shame Norton wasn't there. O&A weren't too welcoming, were they. Don't worry, it's your first time. Everyone would have freaked out in your position. Especially sitting between the two retards... I was hoping Brian Regan would say something to make you feel at ease but he kept kinda quiet. His brother did most of the talking.

Next time plug your Jim Norton fan page. :) If Jim is there, it would be a piece of cake. Relax, chicka, everything is cool. We're proud of you. I am anyway, if that counts. :)


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Originally posted by Rock n' Roll Junkie:
Don't worry about not plugging anything, girlie. It's a shame Norton wasn't there. O&A weren't too welcoming, were they. Don't worry, it's your first time.</STRONG>
O&A were very cool it is that they saw the fuckin fear in my face.
But I got to talk to Opie after the show he was pretty cool.
Also I got to talk to Steve from foundry he is such a doll.the guys were cool it is that I was in shock the whole time.
Fuck I wish Jim was there It would have made me so much more easy on me.
Oh well fuck it next time.


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Ehh don't worry, there's always another time. It's just that the guys got on your case for not plugging wackbag, so I decided to step in and say a word in defense. :) Next time you'll feel more relaxed. Have a drink before you go in, it boosts confidence. ;) Hmm... come to think of it, won't it take more self-confidence to wow than to plug a site? :rolleyes: Never mind. It's just me. :D

Right now I'm drunk and feel like I could go on Howard Stern and not blink an eye. But then there are certain things that get to me, and that never changes, regardless of whether I'm drunk of sober. As you can see, my train of thought doesn't have a cabooze and is about to derail, so I'm outta here. :rolleyes:


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The boys of wackbag didn't get on my case
they knew i was more nervous than life itself.
I dont have a problem wowing my pics are up on foundry.
So far, me, Stingray, and FoFo were on the OnA Show... Don't that mean we get special treatment or something? :D


GODDAMN :mad: :mad:
i can't believe i f'n missed it friday!!
i went down to sheveport,LA heehawand they don't get O & A down there! i hope she was funny!
i might be mistaken, but didn't fofo say she was goin to do a fake orgasm or something on the air?? :rolleyes: :confused:
anyway, congrats fofo!!


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Wack babe that is another time..
I need to get over my shyness.