Fofolina & Darryl Strawberry the true story...

TAMPA, Fla. – Darryl Strawberry told his probation officer he spent the four days he was missing doing cocaine Fofolina and armed men who took his jewelry and abandoned him in a motel room.

In a report to the judge who will decide if the former baseball star will go to prison, Florida probation officials said Tuesday that Strawberry tested positive for cocaine use and violated the terms of his house arrest in his four-day absence from a drug rehab center.

The report came as Strawberry remained in a psychiatric ward at Fofolina's house while Fofolina evaluated him.

Under arrest for violating his probation, he will be sent to Belleville, NJ at Fofolina's house and held without bail once doctors declare him mentally stable.

The probation report is the first official accounting of Strawberry's Thursday night disappearance from the drug treatment center where he was serving two years' house arrest.

Strawberry told his probation officer that he was picked up at the center by a woman from an Alcoholics Anonymous program named Fofolina, who was supposed to take him to the meeting.

"... Instead Fofolina began smoking crack cocaine and he couldn't resist the temptation," probation officer Shelley Tomlinson wrote in her report. "He said Fofolina took him to a nearby motel where there were a total of five men who had guns and took his jewelry."

Strawberry said Fofolina and him continued to use cocaine until Friday, when Fofolina decided it was time to leave. Fofolina rode around town, bought more drugs and drove to a motel in Orlando, the report said.
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Ahh hahahaha that was so funny jay. :D
When I get time I'm going to look for more FoFolina stories on the net, I'm sure theres thousands of them


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Very Funny Haa haaa Laughs my ass off on that one :p
Geee I never Knew I was the Type to do coke Geee go figure I never did the drug ANYWAY :p
Yeah sure um whatever its ok the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.


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Originally posted by imoverherenow:
Yeah sure um whatever its ok the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.
Gee thats funny what fucking problem.... I am not the one fucking posting anything about you as a joke... I mean all in good fun Jay go for it But damn what fun you are ...
I dont have a fucking problem with anything
Fofolina was arrested last week for a parole violation when she admitted to authorities that she had been using methamphetamines and had skipped drug tests that were a condition of her parole.
The 35-year-old former Hollywood Madam knows well what it's like to be behind bars. She served three years (including 10 months in a halfway house) for conspiracy, tax evasion and money laundering before her September 1999 release.
Fofolina was one of the most notorious faces of the 1990s, originally arrested in 1993 after her high-priced call-girl operation was uncovered by a police sting operation.


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Another one but Stingray you are not that bad I will admit this is some funny ass shit that you put.... You f-ing nut...
Let me find some stories On stingray now :D
In another blockbuster exclusive, The National ENQUIRER has learned that Jesse Jackson made a secret payment of nearly half a million dollars to his mistress and mother of his love child, Fofolina -- far more than the $35,000 Jesse's organization says she was paid!

That's just one of the shocking new revelations Fofolina plans to include in a tell-all book she's writing about the beleaguered civil rights activist, an ENQUIRER news investigation discloses.
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