Food Court Proposal Gone Bad


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i hope she left to fuck some random guy in the bathrooms


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Fucker deserves it.



I Think I'll Eat An Apple
If this wasn't a work, that chick rules. Who also rules? The camera man who posted his buddy (I assume the two knew each other) getting shamed in front of an entire food court. I hope those two got together.

As someone who will never get married and am socially retarded, even I know not to propose in front of a god damned Cinnabon near wheelchaired old people. This idiot probably planned it and thought it was the most super romantic thing ever and he was fed his balls. I hope he got to drown his sorrows with that chicken in brown sauce that somehow seems to fit every style of cooking.


I Think I'll Eat An Apple
At least I began my post with "if this wasn't a work..."


Go back to your shanties.
"I was dizzy in your presence"

So you were at a food court craving some cinnabon and you were dizzy.

So you were drunk and horny. Gotcha.

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Two actors, they do the same thing in lots of different places. I remember seeing one of them at a supermarket.