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Biomorph desk
Mac Pro on right side (2TB storage, 8gig ram, etc.)
Powermac G5 on left (800gig storage, 4gig ram, etc.)
Both computers are mounted to desk legs to keep them up off the floor.
One Mac 30" cinema display in center
Two Mac 23" cinema displays on left and right
Deck keyboard and Logitech Revolution Mouse control both computers via Teleport
5.1 Speaker system with Titanium casing
Snowball microphone
Ambient Orb tracks visitors to web site
Polycom Clarity phone (work)
Panasonic wireless (home)
LED light clock directly under 30" monitor
Docks for 60Gig iPod video, 8Gig Nano and and 4Gig Nano on a concealed shelf to the left of the Mac Pro.
Art work
Commerical grade blue LED backlighting for when lights are off


I can't think of anything funny.
I want one of the 30" ACDs to hook up to my Macbook Pro. I love the ridiculously large resolution on them.