Former NASCAR driver Dick Trickle commits suicide at 71

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Retired stock car driver Dick Trickle, known for his colorful name and short-track prowess, died on Thursday from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 71.

According to the Lincoln County, N.C., sheriff's department, the incident occurred at 12:02 p.m. ET at Forest Lawn Cemetery off Highway 150 in Boger City.

The Lincoln County Communications Center received a call, apparently from Trickle, that "there would be a dead body and it would be his.'' Center workers tried to place a return call to the number but did not get an answer.

Emergency units found the body lying near the victim's pickup truck when they arrived.

Lt. Tim Johnson, who heads the Lincoln County detective department, said at the family's request no additional information would be released at this time.

As is standard in any case such as this, Johnson said there will be an investigation.

"He called in,'' Johnson said. "It's not the first time we've had these. It's always a sad situation ... even sadder for the family.''

Trickle, a native of Wisconsin, has been a resident of Lincoln County since the early 1990s. His only victory in NASCAR's premier series was a non-points victory in the 1990 Winston Open, the preliminary to the All-Star race.

Trickle has been billed as the winningest short-track driver in the history of stock car racing, recording about 1,000 victories in feature races, including 67 in 1972.

He was the rookie of the year in NASCAR's premier series in 1989 with six top-five finishes and nine top 10s.

Much of Trickle's short-track success came in Wisconsin, where he was nicknamed the "White Knight'' as referenced by his SuperAmerica paint scheme.

RIP Dick Trickle


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Damn, that's sad. He was a good dude.

I wonder if he was facing something incurable and
decided to go out his way.

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RIP best name ever. The torch is now passed to Dick Butkis


Speed just aired an Interview from 2 years ago with him

Fan asked him after a race

'How many cigarettes did you smoke during the race ? "

He responded - " How many Cautions were there ? "


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Good guy, he once got me out of detention.

I went to private school and naughty words were verboten. Anyways I called my friend a dick, and a teacher heard me. As my teacher was writing up my detention slip I exclaimed, "its his nickname, Dick after Dick Trickle," my friend without missing a beat said, Yeah, you know Dick Trickle, car number 8." Teacher smirked, said we we're completely full of it but let me off due to quick team improv.


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have they gave a reason why yet? If it was for a terminal illness i respect his eating a bullet. Going out on your own terms in that condition is ok in my book


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Can't remember who it was...either Dick Trickle, Hut Stricklin and/or Rick Mast...but at least one of them developed some kind of medical condition that sounds like it sucks to live with


A Hut Stricklin reference

Holy Shit



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According to The Charlotte Observer, the 71-year-old was killed by "an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, Lincoln County [N.C.] deputies said."

The Observer adds that "in 2001, Trickle's granddaughter Nicole Ann Bowman was killed in a car accident in front of East Lincoln High School. She is buried in the cemetery where police found his truck and body Thursday." A friend of Trickle's tells the newspaper that Trickle never got over his granddaughter's death.

The Associated Press writes that "Trickle was a unique driver with a unique name who found cult-like status before his death. ... [His] larger-than-life personality and penchant for fun won him legions of fans despite a lack of success beyond the nation's small tracks."