Former Pres George HW Bush gets Pink-socked.


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If by chance you happen to come across George H.W. Bush and he has on a pair of outrageously colored or mismatched socks, don't worry - the octogenarian former president isn't losing his marbles.

If he caught you staring at the light and dark blue striped confections on his ankles at the commencement ceremonies at Dartmouth College last summer, where he received an honorary degree, he would not have thought you rude.

And if you couldn't help but gawk slack-jawed at the bright pink numbers he had on while watching the Houston Marathon last month, well that's fine too because, with his slacks jauntily hitched, that's kind of the reaction he was hoping for.

In fact, the more people look at his socks, the more he likes it. They're simple utilitarian garments, socks, but not when a former president wears them as a statement - actually more than a statement.

There was a time when a visitor at the 41st president's west Houston office invariably left with a little box containing presidential cuff links. These days, you might find yourself leaving with a pair of lobster socks - light blue creations emblazoned with the bright red crustaceans.

"It's his trinket now," says Jean Becker, his long-time chief of staff. "This is his signature gift. He's sort of becoming famous for his socks."

Bush says he has been a "colored socks fan" for some time, and that his penchant for wearing them at high profile events "is not a big thing" in his life. His staff, however, begs to differ.

"He used to wear them on special occasions and not very often," says Becker. "But he has lately gotten more outrageous. Now he goes out of his way."

It could be because recently, the 87-year-old president's ankles are more openly on display. He has been diagnosed with lower body parkinsonism, a condition that causes instability from the waist down, and he often uses a wheelchair. But for whatever reason, Becker says the "sock thing" has certainly ramped up a few notches in recent months.

He has green and black striped socks. Pink and salmon striped socks. Orange socks with yellow polka dots. Socks with the American flag. Orange and pink socks. Blue striped socks with lavender accents at the top.

Bush says his favorite socks have orange stripes, "but they're getting a little old now."

In November, the actor Kyle MacLachlan visited Bush in his office and was much taken with the pink and salmon striped socks the president was wearing with his grey pin-striped suit and black loafers.

This got Bush thinking about Christmas presents. His staff swept into action and within no time, the office was awash in boxes of socks, which went out to select friends and family, including MacLachlan, as gifts.

For years, Bush's principal supplier of socks has been Spike Heminway, a long-time friend and golfing buddy from Kennebunkport, Maine, where the Bush family has a seaside estate.

Bush says he receives varying responses when people see his socks. And because he is a former president he probably gets away with it more than most folks.

"I suspect some people think this old boy is a little strange," Bush says.

As for reaction from the president of Dartmouth on seeing what the honorary degree recipient had on his ankles? "No reaction at all," Bush says. "I think he's too polite for that."
That's funny , when football players were wearing that pink shit it was okay

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Who gives a fuck about George H.W. Bush's socks? Mayr didn't post a link so I don't know where this trite nonsense came from.

Lord Zero

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It's an Illuminati message. I'm sure when Kirk busts out his official Alex Jones Conspiracoder Ring we'll know what it means.


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Good for him. No need to be an uptight ass
just because you were the President. He's
having fun in his twilight years. I like it.


Make America Gay Again.
The Freemasons wear socks. Think about it.


Nikola Tesla was Murdered

The significance of this benign description of Tesla’s inventions and his last days has a direct relationship to the previously unknown claims of Otto Skorzeny. As Skorzeny described (to Berman) in detail his involvement with George H. W. Bush (George H. Scherff, Jr.) in organizing the CIA by absorbing Nazi S.S. agents,” he intimated that it was Reinhard Gehlen and himself who murdered Nikola Tesla on January 6, 1943 by strangulation/suffocation.
Some enlightening material.