Former WWE/TNA Wrestler Tomko arrested


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Former WWE and TNA wrestler Travis Tomko's was arrested yesterday for attempting to rob a CVS Pharmacy in St. Johns County in Florida.
Tomko was arrested after police allege he threatened the pharmacist unless he gave him several bottles of Oxycodone. Tomko is then, according the police report, alleged to have gone to a nearly Chili, where he asked the waitress for a sppon, and he went into the men's room for 30 to 40 minutes. When police arrived, Tomko had needle marks and blood running down his arm, and flushed something down the toilet.
When Tomko was arrested, he told police he had a severe drug problem. He was booked for robbery and his being held at a $7,500 bond.
He admitted to police he took the Oxycodone and injected it, but said he never threatened anyone.

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#2 Vince going to offer him a spot in WWE-sponsored Rehab ?

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Doesn't sound like attempted robbery to me, if he was in a Chili's restroom shooting the junk up.

I can just see him terrorizing the city like RAMPAGE! stealing spoons and breathing fire.

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Well what do you expect? He is definitely a role model all Floridians should aspire to be.