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12/7/01. Kilroy was here
By Bob DiCat

I see that we have deployed all forces in Afghanistan and are about to take the Talaban down within the next few days and sit here thinking about all those that died at Pearl Harbor which takes me back to all the wars that America fought to protect the human races against any who will cause terror across the world, then wonder why we are hated so much by most countries. Their are people in America, yes our very own people that hate us and would like to turn the other cheek when it comes to war. The other cheek in my mind seems to mean back down and let the ranting maniacs of the world have their way and I would rather die then see that happen. Most protesters just are weak and ignorant when it comes to dealing with trouble, and would rather hide their head in the sand and hope the trouble makers will go away, but they wont go away and only become stronger and more difficult to fight the next time. We have to pull together as one and fight all causes together. Either you are with us or against us, that’s just the way it is. Japan learned their lesson when we dropped the bomb on them, Kadafi hasn’t said a word since Reagan blew away his home. now with Bin Ladin at the helm of injustice, a man who just happened to fall into a lot of money and thinks he can do as he pleases has to be reckoned with now and he will. I have connections that show him not in a cave but in our very own L.A. and we are closing in on him fast among other men under his guiding hand. Bin Ladin always has a smug smile on his face but Americans were not in a funny mod on Sept 11th when he pulled off what he thought was a great feat but only was a sucker punch in the face of right and as for all the threats I have been receiving through my emails and other means. I am ready to stand up for what I believe and will die defending them, God Bless all who are right in this world and death to all that try to spoil it.