Fox 25 Boston Milks our soldiers for all it's worth...

There is a large group of soldiers returning home to bedford from Iraq today...the fox 25 boston leeches in keeping with the trend of peoples emotions for ratings has been 'televising' the return since 830am today...The great thing is they have to sit through speeches by the governer, sen. Kerry etc. Well, we are closing in on 9am and they still don't have their money shot of crying kids getting to meet their parents...I can hear the panic in the anchors voice b/c they have to go to national programming at 9am HA HA..

Oh they just 'let the viewers know' they will be staying with this at 9am. Of course they will. Don't you think that anyone who has a loved one coming back today is at the base? This is as bad as when they threw the camera in the face of a 13yo girl whose dad was killed in a car accident friday.

Fucking news leeches


Light-skinned, with no Negro dialect.
Local news crews are the worst at this sort of shit.

I remember a few months back, at the close of the 2007 school year, there was a story of two teenage students, a brother & sister, who were killed in a car accident like, a few days before graduation. I'm watching this story, and it's sad, and then I notice they're giving the story a lot longer than they normally would, and then it became apparent why: they actually interviewed the father of the two kids, who just lost his children only hours before.

The guy kept it together, but it just sickened me. I was thinking, these fucking vultures in the media just wanted this poor fucking soul to cry on camera for them. Thankfully he maintained his composure and denied them that.
they hung with this for another 45 min...bantering back and forth because their podium mic's went out and they had to use a hand held fromt he back of the room..That's karma