fox news reports fred thompson is running.


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fox news reports fred thompson is running.announcment to be made around july a huge fan.ive only backed rudy(sent him a hundred bucks) because newt and thompson wernt running(yet).i love rudy but thompson is the man for me.


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After reading a bit about him and seeing him destroy Michael Moore a few weeks ago...this is a guy who I want running the country.

Thompson has my vote.


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hurray another gimmick candidate. just what we needed. out of all the people in this country that know what they are doing, and in times like these when our country really needs leadership, these are the best we can drudge up. something is so very wrong
After McCain's fingerfucking the illegal aliens by wanting to legalize them with an amnesty I have been waiting for someone that I can give a vote to.

So, Thompson has my vote because he seems like a decent guy and has a sense of humor with talking shit to Michael Moore.
Sounds like my kind of guy. He voted to loosen licensing on guns, voted to not require gun makers to waste money on child locks (that no one uses) and not requiring background checks at gun shows.

He's got my vote for sure now. I hope he wins. Giuliani may be a decent guy but I just can't deal with his pussiness with banning guns and empowering criminals. Fuck him.


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thompson may be a good guy but he won't win, if you want a guy who doesn't support amnesty you want mitt romney. mccain is a pussy and a communist (campaign finance, anti torture bill, amnesty bill..need i say more) guilliani is not a republican, thompson is a gimmick, newt isn't running yet and he has far too many skeletons in his closet to win

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I've always liked him. He'll most likely be my choice based on recent events.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
He is a really good actor.
That counts in my book.
better actor than reagan ever was, and he made a decent president, in some peoples eyes. thompson gets my vote, if the spook dont make it


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Thompson or Tancredo for me. They are the only ones that speak out against illegals.


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Just another candidate that's more of the same.

We deserve whatever we get.


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-Voted YES on spending international development funds on drug control.
Yay! More money burned.

Voted YES on Strengthening of the trade embargo against Cuba.
Perfect, lets send billions to Communist China but not one cent to Communist Cuba.

Voted YES on Approving the presidential line-item veto.
Supports ruling from the desk.

Also a supporter of the Patriot Act.

No thanks, just another party line voter with no interest in real change.

EDIT: On another note, All hail the Emperor.

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loved him in Days of Thunder.

He's got my vote based on his stance on the issues.


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Fuck him. Ron Paul is still the only guy in this race who isn't a complete pile of shit.

Less government = more gooder.

Not that he has a shot in hell of winning.


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if he does run does that mean they can't show any repeats of Law & Order that have him in it?


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if he does run does that mean they can't show any repeats of Law & Order that have him in it?
They should cut up the old episodes and release the clips of him as press releases.


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Mitt Romney speaks out about anything that he thinks could get him elected. Every time I see him on TV, I think I'm watching a real world version of The Manchurian Candidate. If the Democrats nominate Hillary, I would vote for any Republican except for him. If it's Hillary-Romney, I think I'm voting Socialist.
hillary IS a socialist...
if he does run does that mean they can't show any repeats of Law & Order that have him in it?
yes thats what it means, all ronald reagan movies had to be pulled from the schedule of television channels during the '80 and '84 elections
You have to look at Thompon's record and in particular the bullshit campagin he ran when he was first elected to the Senate. He declared he was pro-choice, born in Tennessee, and pulled an effing stunt 'riding around the state in an old, red truck.'

Well, it worked and while in Congress...he did very little. He did not move to cut taxes (if memory serves he spoke out against tax cuts). He did not move to eliminate gun control (just because he did not support new laws does not make him a rock ribbed 2nd amendment supporter). He supported McCain Feingold, the bill that basically repealed political speech in our nation.

He began his career as a lobbyist in DC. Unless you have a schlong jabbed through your brain, you will realize that lobbyists are in the business of fucking we the people in the ass. Fuck, maybe some people enjoy that shit.

Since leaving the Senate, he has become a member of the CFR and support the sale of our roads to foreign consortiums AND mandatory taxes associated with these transactions. He has stated that the illegal immigrants in this country already 'don't really matter' and is in support of the North American Union.

The claim that Fred Thompson is some principled conservative is pure, 100% grade A excrement. He is beltway boy who could not give a fuck about you and me.

Ron Paul is the only true candidate, in my view. This Thompson crap is meant to stem to Ron Paul tide.