Frank Caliendo Seinfeld on Drugs

Where can i download a clip of Frank Caliendo doing his Seinfeld on Drugs was hilarious :eek:
try the sound clips link at the top of the page, chewbaka has thousands of sound clips or try I know its hard to find stuff there but it might be buried in that site somewhere!

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Very interesting Stingray................. :rolleyes:


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Stingray knows all lol
Frank is a funny funny man.
Originally posted by Jeff:
<STRONG>Very interesting Stingray................. :rolleyes:</STRONG>
what was interesting about my reply? I assumed mike was looking for an O&A clip and I gave him 2 sources that have tons of o&a clips.

On another note, you have a certain website name in your sig that is banned here (the second one) Please remove it.

Nevermind, I did it myself.

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Does anyone know where I can find that superfriends/john maddden bit he did last friday? I almost crashed my car it was so damn funny.