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Thompson drops out of GOP presidential race
Posted: 02:27 PM ET
In a statement issued by his campaign, Fred Thompson said:

"Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people."

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Sort of odd that he had to announce he bowed out, considering that other than a debate appearance and a couple commercials here and there, he never seemed like he was seriously running in the first place.


Fred didn't want to run, but his pals at the CFR pushed him into the race. Hence, the reason why he dropped out and never really "ran" a serious campaign.


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Well, it's nice to see that he's comfortable enough in his sexuality to come out.


Sinn Fein

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Well, count me as one of the hopeful who wanted him to run before he actually did. When his campaign didn't pick up any steam, I was discouraged...

It's time to fully support McCain.
Well, count me as one of the hopeful who wanted him to run before he actually did. When his campaign didn't pick up any steam, I was discouraged...
I really wanted him to be president. But once he finally joined the race he just had no ambition and was acting like he was being forced to run by his friends.

I'm still not sure if I'm even going to vote this go around. I'm on the fence if I'm going to support McCain or not because I don't like his love for illegal aliens and amnesty. If we can spend money on building a fucking government in Iraq then we can spend the money to ship Mexicans out of the fucking country.


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I never thought he had a real shot.
I never thought he had a real shot.
Because Americans are dummies and would rather support evangelical Baptists to support because they are anti-abortion.

I just wanted a middle of the road guy that respected the Constitution and wouldn't support illegal aliens.

Now the only person left is McCain that's soft on illegals. Ron Paul is extreme on a lot of things and he won't have major support even though he has fans that raised a lot of money.


In The Danger Zone...
Wackbag Staff
I won't dispute any of that. The choices we will have in the
general election will just suck ass.

Razor Roman

It's time to fully support McCain.
Yes, that's great. We need a president who co worte an immigration amnesty bill with Ted Kennedy, didn't support the Bush tax cuts but lies about saying he does, kept constitutionalist judges off the courts by allowing an unconstitutional fillibuster of judicial nominees to occur, and just announced support for sweeping new taxes on carbon emissions.

JUST what we need.

McCain is a media creation... he's the "front runner" but has LESS delegates than Romney right now... he actually got over 100,000 votes LESS in South Carolina when he "won" (with 33% of the vote) than he did when he LOST the S. Carolina primary to George W. Bush. In fact, his vote totals in New Hampshire and Michigan were also lower than they were in 2000.

McCain will not win the general election. Democrats and liberals will NOT vote for McCain over Hillary. Sorry, not gonna happen. He might get a few more independant votes than Rudy or Romney would, but not enough to make up for a huge erosion in support from the base. I would vote for McCain over Hillary/Obama, but I wouldn't support them, or send him or the GOP any money if he is the candidate. Putting McCain up now would be like putting Dole up in 96. It's his turn? Who gives a shit.

Razor Roman

Exactly. We have to get someone who will beat Hillary, not just someone we like.
Well the media seems to have brainwashed people into thinking McCain is the only one who has a shot at beating Hillary. Since when does the media get Republicans to begin with, let alone want to "help" us beat Hillary?

Someone with a strong conservative message who has the balls to go after Hillary is what we need. Not John "I'm gonna call those of you who dont want amnest for illegal aliens racists so that liberals will like me" McCain.


Satellite Of Hate
I like McCain but, he is no friend to 2A. Unfortunately, I am becoming a one issue voter.

Razor Roman

Mitt Romney 529,511

John McCain 507,933

Mike Huckabee 336,954

Fred Thompson 121,259

Ron Paul 106,171

Rudy Giuliani 60,072
So McCain is the front runner?

Razor Roman


looks like the Dems already have their first commercial to go after McCain as a flip-flopper.
I never thought he had a real shot.
he had a real shot and he blew it. the guy didnt campaign at all in Iowa and finished 3rd. he basically didnt campaign period, yet finished 3rd in a few states. there was real potential that he basically passed on

Razor Roman

When Ann Coulter can't find something nice to say about a Republican....

John McCain is Bob Dole minus the charm, conservatism and youth. Like McCain, pollsters assured us that Dole was the most "electable" Republican. Unlike McCain, Dole didn't lie all the time while claiming to engage in Straight Talk.

Of course, I might lie constantly too, if I were seeking the Republican presidential nomination after enthusiastically promoting amnesty for illegal aliens, Social Security credit for illegal aliens, criminal trials for terrorists, stem-cell research on human embryos, crackpot global warming legislation and free speech-crushing campaign-finance laws.

I might lie too, if I had opposed the Bush tax cuts, a marriage amendment to the Constitution, waterboarding terrorists and drilling in Alaska.

And I might lie if I had called the ads of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth "dishonest and dishonorable."

McCain angrily denounces the suggestion that his "comprehensive immigration reform" constituted "amnesty" -- on the ludicrous grounds that it included a small fine. Even the guy who graduated fifth from the bottom of his class at the U.S. Naval Academy didn't fall for this a few years ago.

In 2003, McCain told The Tucson Citizen that "amnesty has to be an important part" of any immigration reform. He also rolled out the old chestnut about America's need for illegals, who do "jobs that American workers simply won't do."

McCain's amnesty bill would have immediately granted millions of newly legalized immigrants Social Security benefits. He even supported allowing work performed as an illegal to count toward Social Security benefits as recently as a vote in 2006 -- now adamantly denied by Mr. Straight Talk.

McCain keeps boasting that he was "the only one" of the Republican presidential candidates who supported the surge in Iraq.

What is he talking about? All Republicans supported the surge -- including Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani. The only ones who didn't support it were McCain pals like Sen. Chuck Hagel. Indeed, the surge is the first part of the war on terrorism that caused McCain to break from Hagel in order to support the president.

True, McCain voted for the war. So did Hillary Clinton. Like her, he then immediately started attacking every other aspect of the war on terrorism. (The only difference was, he threw in frequent references to his experience as a POW, which currently outnumber John Kerry's references to being a Vietnam vet.)

Thus, McCain joined with the Democrats in demanding O.J. trials for terrorists at Guantanamo, including his demand that the terrorists have full access to the intelligence files being used to prosecute them.

These days, McCain gives swashbuckling speeches about the terrorists who "will follow us home." But he still opposes dripping water down their noses. He was a POW, you know. Also a member of the Keating 5 scandal, which you probably don't know, and won't -- until he becomes the Republican nominee.

Though McCain was far from the only Republican to support the surge, he does have the distinction of being the only Republican who voted against the Bush tax cuts. (Also the little lamented Sen. Lincoln Chafee, who later left the Republican Party.) Now McCain claims he opposed the tax cuts because they didn't include enough spending cuts. But that wasn't what he said at the time.

To the contrary, in 2001, McCain said he was voting against Bush's tax cuts based on the idiotic talking point of the Democrats. "I cannot in good conscience," McCain said, "support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us at the expense of middle-class Americans who need tax relief."

McCain started and fanned the vicious anti-Bush myth that, before the 2000 South Carolina primary, the Bush campaign made phone calls to voters calling McCain a "liar, cheat and a fraud" and accusing him of having an illegitimate black child.

On the thin reed of a hearsay account, McCain immediately blamed the calls on Bush. "I'm calling on my good friend George Bush," McCain said, "to stop this now. He comes from a better family. He knows better than this."

Bush denied that his campaign had anything to do with the alleged calls and, in a stunningly magnanimous act, ordered his campaign to release the script of the calls being made in South Carolina.

Bush asked McCain to do the same for his calls implying that Bush was an anti-Catholic bigot, but McCain refused. Instead, McCain responded with a campaign commercial calling Bush a liar on the order of Bill Clinton:

MCCAIN: His ad twists the truth like Clinton. We're all pretty tired of that.

ANNOUNCER: Do we really want another politician in the White House America can't trust?

After massive investigations by the Los Angeles Times and investigative reporter Byron York, among others, it turned out that neither of the alleged calls had ever been made by the Bush campaign -- nor, it appeared, by anyone else. There was no evidence that any such calls had ever been made, which is unheard of when hundreds of thousands of "robo-calls" are being left on answering machines across the state.

And yet, to this day, the media weep with McCain over Bush's underhanded tactics in the 2000 South Carolina primary.

In fact, the most vicious attack in the 2000 South Carolina primary came from McCain -- and not against his opponent.

Seeking even more favorable press from The New York Times, McCain launched an unprovoked attack against the Rev. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, calling them "agents of intolerance." Unlike the phantom "black love child" calls, there's documentary evidence of this smear campaign.

To ensure he would get full media coverage for that little gem, McCain alerted the networks in advance that he planned to attack their favorite whipping boys. Newspaper editors across the country stood in awe of McCain's raw bravery. The New York Times praised him in an editorial that said the Republican Party "has for too long been tied to the cramped ideology of the Falwells and the Robertsons."

Though McCain generally votes pro-life -- as his Arizona constituency requires -- he embraces the loony lingo of the pro-abortion set, repeatedly assuring his pals in the media that he opposes the repeal of Roe v. Wade because it would force women to undergo "illegal and dangerous operations."

Come to think of it, Dole is a million times better than McCain. Why not run him again?

-Ann Coulter

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Razor, do you want your own McCain bash thread?