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Aug 12, 2005
Rockaway Beach, NYC
*I posted this here because I wasn't really sure where else to post it*

I finally signed up for the free XM Online 3 day thing, so I have some questions about it:

1. How much is a monthly XM Online subscription? I know you get it free if you own a radio, but is it cheaper to get XM Online than get a radio?

2. Can I use the same E-Mail address more than once when I sign up again? or do I have to keep on making up new E-Mail addresses?

3. Is XM Online live? I know when you listen to K-Rock online, there's like
a 5 min delay. I was listening to O&A on K-Rock back when it was FreeFM, and then I went into my brother's room and put it on the computer, and there was a delay.

That's all I can think of right now. If I have more questions, I'll post them.


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Nov 28, 2004
there is a delay but it isn't noticeable if you don't have XM....Even though there is a delay I would still call it live.

I think online only is $6.99


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Dec 11, 2004
Lakewood, CO
Online is $8/month.

Stream on your smartphone/PDA at or
This is the best thing ever. Was fixing to buy a MyFi or one of those portable ones to listen to at the office because no streaming on our PCs. Then I found out about this. Hell yeah, saved me money. Love it.


The thing that bugs me about XM Online is that for some reason the pad data doesn't come through. I'm guessing it could be offensive sometimes to people that don't listen to 202, that are just browsing the channels. But I saw the other day on Squizz, they were playing a song that I think had 'buttfuck' in the name of the track.


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Apr 22, 2005
Not exactly on point, but I didn't want to be an ass and start a new thread just for a little story on

>>XM Offers Free Program Downloads - 12/11 - DC's XM Satellite Radio is making "select" original music, news, and sports programming available for free podcast download via and via Apple's iTunes. Including programming hosted by Bob Edwards, James Carville, Luke Russert, Mike Krzyzewski, Barry Switzer, and Opie and Anthony, as well as exclusive XM music and comedy shows. More details at<<


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May 11, 2007
I had the xm online sub for $7.99/month and cancelled my sub after the suspension. My service was promptly cancelled but I continued to get billed for months! The internet only sub is considered a "stand alone" account, and the customer service reps on the phone can't even find a record of your account. I couldn't get anybody in customer service (supervisors, tier 2 tech, etc) to resolve my billing issue; it was frustrating as hell. You are supposed to email a specific email address for these stand alone accounts and you will wait a week for a response that will make retarted people look like mensa material.
After three+ months of trying to resolve the issue, :arrrh: I finally found the # for corporate escalations here on wackbag (customer service will not give you this #) where I finally reached an actual intelligent and responsible person who thankfully resolved the issue for me.
After this experience, I am unwilling to do business with xm again. Fortunately, I know someone who had an extra sub he wasn't using, so I pay him to use his sub.
Just be aware if you have a billing issue it will be very difficult to get it resolved.
I am also pissed because my boycott did not have the intended effect since they continued to charge me (and book the revenue) during this period anyway! A big FU to XM customer service!