This is a great movie. Its a must rent. The story goes like this a little boys father is a firefighter in NYC during 1969 he dies in a warehouse fire. 30 years later his son who becomes a NYPD Detective is able to warn his father on his old transmitter radio about the warehouse fire and tells him how he could have survived. His father then survives but then father and son must work together threw the radio to try and save Mom who was brutally murdered now after her husband survived the fire and changed time.

Its a great movie i hoped i described it well
anyway its a great movie my friend has been telling me to rent it and i finally did last night and it was worth it. The movie is like something outta the twilight zone meeting back to the future.
That is a GREAT movie, I'd say it's my second favorite movie... It made me quit smoking!...

I'm also a licensed ham operator so that even made it more interesting to me
Im surprised that the movie didnt win any awards i thought it was really good.


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I agree fellas. That was a real good movie.
It made me quit smoking!...
Haha I know bro. I hear that i was smoking and drinking when i was watching that. It made me stop both all together. Awesome movie though.