"Friends of the Cause" Appreciation Thread

Back on May 15 the ground war started. Everyone has done their part, and it hasn't gone unnoticed. Personally, my campaign has consisted of mostly emails.... to XM, to sponsors, to the FCC, etc. Part of my strategy was using MySpace. After numerous emails to artists on MySpace (bands, comedians, models, camwhores, whoever...) urging them to spread the word about peopleagainstcensorship.com, I was met with mostly indifference.

However, there were a few notable exceptions. The obvious ones who helped were the friends of the show, such as Bill Burr, Robert Kelly, Rich Vos and Patrice O'neal, among others. (In no way do I claim to have any part in getting them to help out.... except perhaps Bill Burr.) Some who were close to the show even indicated that they had been asked to keep quiet.

There were others who helped spread the word. These were people who never heard of O&A, or Imus, or JV & Elvis. They are just people who believe in free speech.

With that said, I think this would be a great platform to recognize these people.... not just the people I have encountered, but those that any of you has encountered.

I'd like to start with the band Ligion.... I've never heard a note of their music, but the band was quick to post a myspace bulletin to their 17,000 fans promoting PeopleAgainstCensorship.com. Visit www.myspace.com/ligion and show your appreciation.... You don't have to listen to anything, or buy anything, just leave a comment showing your gratitude.

Then, come back here and post the links of those unsung heroes who have helped our cause, and we'll all go visit those folks and show them some appreciation.