Friends Peer Pressure An Asian Girl To Snort Suicidal Amounts Of Ketamine!

mr. sin

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Mar 30, 2005

A girl from Hong Kong who took part in a Ketamine snorting competition, later collapsed and later died in hospital. Ketamine is a drug frequently used in human and veterinary medicine. It's availability for legal use has increased its popularity as a recreational drug and criminal gangs often raid veterinary practices and hospitals in order to acquire large quantities of the drug which can later be sold on the illegal market. China has five factories licensed to manufacture ketamine and this is the source of the majority of ketamine that is sold for recreational use in Hong Kong.

The border between mainland China and Hong Kong is one of the most highly trafficked in the world. Recently relaxed border controls have meant that cities liken Shenzen on the Chinese side of the border have seen an increase in young people from Hong Kong coming to have a good time. This goes hand in hand with drug trafficking as young people take advantage of low prices for drugs such as ketamine in China. Shenzen Customs has seen an increase in the number of young suspects involved in cross-border drug use and trafficking since the start of this year.The low prices have made ketamine more appealing to young people as gram of cocaine can be ten times more expensive than a gram of ketamine.

The ketamine problem in Hong Kong has been causing concern as Police have arrested children as young as 13 for Drug Offences according to the Commissioner for Narcotics Sally Wong. But ketamine use is not only confined to youth culture and it is reported to be the second-most popular drug among all age groups in Hong Kong.