Frodo is a pedophile.


Go back to your shanties.

Kind of ripping off Thriller. Catchy though :p


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This has been posted in the videos thread. I'm too lazy to find the link.


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Yea, saw this on The Soup a week or so ago. Just as disturbing the second time around.


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I actually had to sit through the fucking episode. My two year old likes this abomination. I laugh and giggle at all the schwoogie jokes going through my head. Also the orange thing looks like a bumpy dildo.


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I bet I would be drenched in pussy if I were to pull out the puppet master at the club this weekend... ok maybe not.


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I swear to god I'd fuck him so hard.


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Dude, that's some Jim Jones type shit there! They're probably sending subliminal messages through that program to warp the minds of our youth!

Raise your knee
*** Kill your mother****

Raise your other knee
*** Kill your father****

Raise Your Foot...


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Did he say the name of his dance was the "meat puppet master"?