"FRUNKUS" makes NBC local news NYC.


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Didnt see this posted so I thought I would throw it up here. On this weeks Law and Order CI, there was a quick news break going back into the show about halfway through. The tag line was "Is this free speech or racism?" with a close up of some post on an unknown site written by "Frunkes" and making some generally offensive racial comments. Anyone else see this? I would have caught the news but I didnt watch the replay until today and caught the news clip. I can try and get some pics if anyone wants.....

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I added frrrrrrunkis to my Firefox dictionary a while back. :icon_mrgr

Did they spell it right on the news clip? Screencap?


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Wish we knew what site that is.

Thanks for the screen cap though. Nice!


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I'd rather here what WytPwr has to say. That dude seems pretty cool.


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i did a search for frunkus and wytpwr and it looks like the discussion took place on the NY daily news site. doesnt look the same as the cap but some of his posts where pretty offensive and some have been removed.


Hooked on chronic worked for me!!!!!
fuck he beat me to it and included a link. i stink

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I'm sure I can't be the only one who doesn't know... what's a mau mau?


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I saw it, they were talking about racist comments being made on news websites and said NBC had the same problem. I believe the "Frunkus" guy was from the Daily News site. ..Assaults on the media aren't dead ....GOD HELP US ALL!! :icon_wink


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God Bless Pat, he is our savior. His toe went down to hell and became Satan.


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The proper spelling is "frrrrrrunkis".


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Of course it had to be racist posts... Why wouldn't it be?


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lets close down the internet for 3-6 months,pay a fine and apoligize for 200 years of shit we had nothing to do with.